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Disaster Communication Center

FastCommand - Houston County, Alabama
This is the Digital Disaster Response System for Houston County, Alabama This site is for web-enabled communications during a Houston County Emergency, Hospital Emergency, or other incident. During any incident important directives and information will or can appear on this page. This site is also designed to present key critical Houston County or City and Health directives so that efficient and timely information is available to the the Dothan and Houston County Public.

Report Local Incidents Online
This system is authorized to receive reports regarding disasters, accident, emergency, or suspicious activity in Dothan or Houston County.  If you need to make an instant alert to notify proper city or county law or ema authorities regarding an incident or dangerous activity or another type of evolving emergency situation then click above.

Authoritative Activation of This System

Begin Action Plan
To initiate the updating and initiation of this communication system please click below.  You will need the FastCommand authoritative passwords for Houston County.  If passwords are not available call our action line for immediate assistance via satellite phone or telephone at 1-800-264-3932.

Click Here To Begin Activation of Web Enabled Communications or Website Deflection.

Benefits of This System

Instant Communications
To initiate a message to all students and staff via e-mail or text messaging please log in above and click on Mass Messaging.

Sharing of Details
Direct students and faculty via mass messaging to read updates and unlimited details through created action plans.
To edit action plans log in above and click on content pages.

Ongoing Posting of Preparatory Disaster Training
To create disaster training and assessment programs for emergency staff and incident responders log in above and click on Training.